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Manuela Hardy, MA

The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live.

Albert Hadley

Manuela is a cultural anthropologist, life coach and interior decorator busting with creative energy and life force. She holds a master’s degree from Umass/Amherst, a life coaching certificate from Newfield Network and coursed doctoral studies at Duke University. Her passion for understanding culture and working with people has informed much of her fieldwork, publications and aesthetics.

She has found that in the process of supporting her clients in finding their authentic voices and cultivating an awareness to design their own lives, exciting possibilities related to how we create and inhabit our personal spaces take a life of their own.


At the intersection between discovering our soul’s yearnings and manifesting the life we choose, lies the question of how our immediate ecosystem is fertile ground to consciously explore, express and nurture our deep selves.

As founder and creative director of Enlighten Up!, Manuela partners with clients to build projects from the ground up, remodel their current space and/or curate their existing structures. She works with residential and commercial projects alike.

Manuela finds joy in partnering with clients to explore, discover and bring those visions to life. Her enthusiasm for curating and transforming ordinary places into sacred spaces is a driving force of her projects.

Her work exudes quiet luxury and casual elegance throughout. Her academic background and life experiences inform her singular aesthetic choices, exhibiting soothing neutral pallets and quality natural materials. Her curated spaces are often described as earthy, organic, ethereal, whimsical, warm, inviting, serene, and purposeful.


Enlighten Up!

A house is much more than a mere shelter. It should lift us emotionally and spiritually.

John Saldino

We’re a boutique design firm specializing in supporting clients in creating a personal vision of their space and making those dreams come to life. At Enlighten Up! we believe that each of us is a creator of our own reality. We seek to bring this level of awareness to the way in which we inhabit our personal spaces.

Our goal is to help our clients connect with whatever it is that their soul is yearning and to translate their spirit and essence into a space that reflects that which they hold dear. We are passionate and deliberate about curating living spaces that exude meaning and purpose. We want our client’s space to feel sacred and magical.

At Enlighten Up!, when we partner with a client, we engage in a collaboration that will ultimately give birth to a heightened version of their space.


Our Mission

The home should be the treasure chest of living.

To provide our clients with a sacred oasis that celebrates their singular way of life with inspired designs and uniquely accessible furnishings. We seek to partner with our clients to truly capture, interpret and materialize their personal style in the design of a container they can blossom to their highest potential in.


At Enlighten Up! we’re passionate about...

Talent is good. Practice is better. Passion is best.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Creating and nourishing a work relationship based on open communication and trust.

Guiding and supporting you in discovering and materializing a personal vision.

Presenting you with specific ideas and proposals to elevate your space.

Purchasing and sourcing of materials and orders.

Hiring, managing and supervising physical interventions.

Honoring your vision through the careful and thoughtful curation and staging of each space.


Style is a way to say who we are without having to speak.

Rachel Zoe

The Cloud

The Cloud

( Lighthouse Point, Fl )


The Nest

( Miami, Fl )

Casa Manalva

Casa Manalva

( Cartagena de Indias, Colombia )


Lotus House

( Sea Ranch Lakes, Fl )


At Enlighten Up! we’re aware that each client has different needs. Some may wish to hand over the keys of their home while transformation takes place and carry on with their life, while others may be inclined to fully participate in the day to day of the process. We custom build a strategy that honors each client’s particular needs and circumstances.

Interior design is art we live in.

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An empty room is a story waiting to happen…and you are the author...